Philodendron Gloriosum Zebra- Rare

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Care is pretty simple: philodendron gloriosum is a low-fuss plant that prefers bright, indirect light, mid-high humidity, and coarse potting mix. Next, I’ll cover the best indoor location, watering needs, humidity levels, and soil composition for this plant.


The philodendron gloriosum needs bright indirect sunlight for at least eight hours a day to encourage good plant growth. Depending on your location, keeping the plant two to three feet from a southwest-facing window could be ideal.

Increasing the amount of light your plant gets will expand its leaf size. In the wild, philodendron gloriosum can grow leaves up to three feet high, reaching up to two feet when grown inside.

If the lighting in its environment is too dim, or if you’re growing it very close to the ground, the philodendron gloriosum will look leggy, since it grows slowly and will reach for more light. Add more light and you’ll see less leggy growth.

Too much direct sunlight will cause its leaves to fade and burn, so stick to bright indirect light and your philodendron gloriosum plant will love you for it.


Water your philodendron gloriosum thoroughly once a week week during its growing season, but cut back to every few weeks in winter to avoid root rot. Make sure the upper half of its soil is dry before watering. You can test with a fingertip a few inches deep.

You absolutely want to avoid misting this plant, even if you’re trying to increase its humidity (which I often recommend for other plants). Misting the leaves of this plant will result in damage. If water accumulates on the leaves, wipe them off with a cloth.

Temperature and humidity

Philodendron gloriosum plants like 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit at night. They don’t appreciate temperature shifts, so don’t keep them near a drafty door or fan and be careful if you’re transporting one from a gardening center in the winter.

As many tropical plants do, Philodendron gloriosum thrives in the warm climate of USDA Zone 11, preferring humidity levels of 60% to 80%. But don’t worry – it can flourish between 40% to 60% humidity in an indoors environment, so there’s no need to turn your house into a sauna (unless you prefer that).

Soil and planting

Philodendron gloriosum needs a well-draining soil mix to let its extensive root system breathe and prevent root rot. Since it does well in soil with a pH of 6.5 to 7.5, I highly recommend an all-purpose or orchid potting mix. You can add these to the composition to improve soil aeration:

  • LECA
  • Orchid Bark
  • Perlite or Pumice
  • Peat
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Coco coir or coco cubes (hairy fiber from coconut husks)
  • Vermicast
  • Horticultural charcoal

Why charcoal, you ask? It helps mimic the charcoal produced by burnt trees during forest fires, which is part of the Philodendron gloriosum’s natural habitat. Charcoal also removes impurities and improves soil aeration.

Fertilize your plant with a 50% diluted balanced liquid houseplant fertilizer every month in the spring and summer. Give your plant a fertilizer break in fall and winter.

Do not over-fertilize the Philodendron gloriosum. This is a surefire way to cause chemical damage, which will show up as scorched or wilting plant leaves.


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