One of my favourite plants, really easy to care for and what’s not to love about those creamy white leaves.  New foliage will emerge cream given bright enough conditions and they will transition to pale/lime green and eventually dark green over a couple of weeks.

Care requirements:

The cream leaves of the ghost are very susceptible to over watering; they will brown and die off at the edges very quickly so avoid watering until the top layer of your potting mix is dry to the touch.  The ghost is a climber and will thrive given a pole or some structure to climb on.

Philodendron florida ghost is a plant that does very well in bright light, in fact the brighter the light the more creamy the emerging leaves will be. However, that does not mean it likes direct sunlight. In my experience direct sun at any part of the day other than early morning or late afternoon will burn the cream leaves very quickly.

Despite the eventual size of the plant, I have found them to have relatively small root systems so don’t be tempted to move up pot size too often, mine appear to like being a little restricted if anything.

This is a tropical plant so it will look its best given warmth and humidity. The ideal growing temperature I have found to be 20 – 26c°.  Humidity is this plant’s friend: the more you can provide, the happier it will be. Ideally you want to aim for about 60%+. If you don’t have a humidifier then either group your plants together or place pot on a tray of pebbles that are always wet this will help to create a micro climate around the plant.

I use a balanced liquid fertilizer once a month at 50% strength.




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