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Philodendron Burle Marx is an evergreen ornamental plant with beautiful, glossy heart-shaped leaves that can be grown indoors and outdoors. These plants reach a height of 60 cm with green or red petioles that connect the leaves to the stem. The leaves of Philodendron Burle Marx are dark green, sometimes almost phosphorescent green, shiny and waxy finish. Philodendron Burle Marx can be grown in small pots where they can fill the pot like a tall shrub. When provided with a support structure, Philodendron Burle Marx can climb by aerial roots.

Common Name Philodendron ‘Burle Marx’
Family Araceae
Maximum Height 60 cm
Difficulty Level Easy

Philodendron Burle Marx Planting & Care

  • You need well-drained soil. This type of soil provides drainage of excess water through the plant pot.
  • You can also use 100% peat perlite. It works like sphagnum peat moss.
  • It needs bright but indirect light to thrive.
  • If your plant receives direct sunlight, the light will burn the leaves of your plant.
  • You want to keep the soil moist.
  • You can also use balanced fertilizer like NPK 19-19-19. Make sure you use it at half-strength though.


Soil Well-drained
Sun Indirect / Artificial Light
Water Do not over-water


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