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Philodendron Black Majesty


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Philodendron Black Majesty is a very unique philodendron type leaf ornamental plant which has beautiful leaves, slightly glossy blackish color that is very elegant.

Plant Type: Collector plant, foliage plant, climbing plant

Philodendron Majesty is one of the very few dark leaf Philodendrons to be found.

The new leaves appear a lighter maroon colour and as they age, turn a dark green to a deep matte black depending on the amount of light they get. The stems of the Majesty have a slight red colour, which contrasts nicely to the darker leavers.

Plant Care:

  •  Water: Only water when the top layer, 1-2cm, of soil has dried out.
  •  Sunlight: Bright indirect or filtered light is best.
  •  Soil: Loose and porous soil is preferred to provide good drainage. Slightly acidic pH of 6-7 is best.
  •  Temperature: 18-25 degrees Celsius is perfect

Contact us for more detailed Plant Care tips, we want to support you as much as we can to ensure your plant is happy and thriving in your new home!

Important: We will ensure to deliver a healthy plant to your home (if it arrives damaged from shipping please contact us immediately). However, we cannot guarantee the continued health of the plant if improper care is applied. Please remember, these are living things and need care and attention to thrive!

Disclaimer: The photos are examples of plants in good care from our inventory. However, the photos will not be an exact representation of the delivered plant. Slight variation in size, number of leaves, etc. are hence normal


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