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Plant Size: Single plant(8-10 Leaves) | Pot Included | Free Shipping

Philodendron Black Cardinal is a phenomenal plant that originated in the rainforests of South America. The captivating dark leaves will contrast with other foliage in your house and stand out among them. Thus, the Philodendron Black Cardinal is your answer if you want to catch everyone’s eyes. Providing well-draining soil and indirect light is perfect for growing gorgeous Philodendron Black Cardinal.

Sunlight Demand: Partial Shade
Soil Condition: Soil mix perlite
Water Requirement: Medium


Quick Facts

Known As Philodendron “Black Cardinal”

Growing Difficulty​​:



Partial / Bright indirect light



Pet Friendly:


Air Purifying:

Yes! Removes formaldehyde from air

Philodendron Black Cardinal

The Philodendron Black Cardinal is “self heading”, meaning it does not climb or sprawl like a vine. The leaves are broadly oval or truly lance-shaped, emerging light orange or bronze. They slowly mature to a deeper, truly dark green with inclination to nearly black, and oldest leaves on the lowest part of the plant darkest and dullest. Flowers can arise during the warm months at anytime, being a blackish-red, cloak-like wrapping spathe around a white, finger-like spadix. Environment Philodendron Black Cardinal is one of the easiest of all house plants to grow. It is very vigorous grower that can take a wide range of conditions.

This plant can be used well to decorate your home, doesn’t need much care, easy to handle. If you are about to start gardening and you are a beginner in this field then Blushing Philodendron will be perfect for you.

This ease to care for plant is one of the most popular houseplants. In tropical regions it can survive outside, however in most places it is used strictly as a houseplant. While blooms on this fast-growing climber may appear at any time during the year most plants in confinement never bloom. The Philodendron is an evergreen vine that thrives in partial shade at moderate temperatures.




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