Philodendron Applanatum – Rare Plant

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Size: Single Plant (4-5 leaves)| Pot Included | Free Shipping

Philodendron Applanatum Plant

Big, strikingly formed leaves enhance Philodendron applanatum’s attractive appearance. It’s a hard-to-find Philodendron. Philodendron applanatum’s petioles have an unusual shape: they’re flat! With their oddly shaped petioles, the leaves of this plant have trilobes that can grow to 20cm or even 40cm long.

Philodendron applanatum’s leaves will be a lovely shade of bright green. The leaves are bright green and veined, with some showing a subtle yellow glow around the veins. If you want to get your hands on a Philodendron applanatum, you’ll have to be quite lucky. The tropics of Peru are the natural habitat of Philodendron applanatum. For the safety of children and dogs, Araflora recommends placing Philodendron applanatum in an area that is out of their reach.

Philodendron Applanatum Care Guide


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