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Rhipsalis baccifera ‘Oasis'(Pencil cactus)


Selling size: Mentioned in last picture (Well rooted plant in a Jiffy bag)


One of the most interesting plants for your indoor garden, the “Pencil Cactus” is actually a euphorbia, thus making it a succulent and not a true cactus despite the name. There are thousands of euphorbias, and like all of them, the pencil cactus has milky white latex sap that is released when the plant is injured. Wash your hands if you come into contact with the sap as it can be strongly irritating to some. remove even with soap. The Pencil cactus likes HIGH LIGHT.



Full sun – Place near a sunny southern or western exposure.


Water about every two weeks and less in the winter, and as with most succulents, it’s better to let pencil cacti dry out than to drown it or risk rotted roots.


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