Oxalis Triangularis , Butterfly Plant (Green Leaf )

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Selling size: A well rooted plant | Pot Included (2.5 inch)

How to care for it:

Light: Keep your Oxalis Triangularis in a filtered bright to medium light but away from direct light. It grows well in morning light (i.e. East window). It is fairly hard to burn since Oxalis grows outdoors, the glass in your windows will filter out a lot of the intensity of the light, however it will grow best when it’s away from direct sunlight. Take a look at some of the images at the bottom of this article for the lighting suggestions.

Water: Allow the soil to dry between watering, ensure the top 2cm of soil is dry before watering. The worst thing you can do with bulbs is overwater as it will rot the bulb. Expect to water about once every 2 weeks.

Soil: A well-drained potting mix works well. Use a standard Premium indoor potting mix. Oxalis will NOT grow well in overly wet soil but does like moist soil. Make sure your pot has a drainage hole.

Pot: Oxalis pots need to be deep, shallow pots will not work well. Avoid growing them in a pot with other plants as they can go dormant and their growth requirements are different. As the Oxalis tends to grow and bend towards the light, you should also rotate your pot every 2 weeks to ensure the foliage grows evenly.

Temperature: Standard indoor temperatures are fine. The ideal temperature is around 60-70°F(15-21°C). Temperatures above 75°F/24°C become problematic. At high temperature, the Oxalis will start to look ‘tired’ and may go into dormancy and drop all it’s leaves.

Fertiliser: I don’t find fertiliser necessary in new plants, but you could add every 2 months if the soil is older than a year. Premium potting mixes usually contain slow release fertiliser for at least 4 months worth.


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