Monstera Peru Variegated- Rare

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Plant size : Single plant (3-4leaves)| Pot included|Free shipping

Sun: Monstera Peru’s Variegated do best in bright and medium indirect sunlight. Any room with a decent window will do. Variegated Monstera Peru can not usually handle direct sun, and the leaves will let you know if they got too much sun by turning yellow.

Water: Every 1 to 2 weeks. Be sure to let the soil dry out in-between. If your monstera is in a sunny location you will have to water it more frequently. Leaves will have brown spots appear if the monstera needs watering more frequently.

Humidity: Average household room humidity will do just fine, but monsteras love humid conditions like bathrooms.

Temperature: 65°F to 85°F (18°C to 30°C).

Monstera Peru Variegated Care

Looking to add a gorgeous Variegated Monstera Peru to your tropical houseplant collection? It’s not like most monstera’s, and knowing how to keep it happy will let your Peru grow for years to come.

Follow our guide below, and let’s help you grow something amazing!

Monstera Peru Variegated Sun Light Requirements

Monstera Peru’s grow best in bright indirect light. Any room with a window will be fine, but a north-facing and south-facing window will be best. Placing your Peru about 2 to 3 feet from any window will let it soak up all the light it needs.

Its big green leaves means it can soak up the sun’s rays quicker than other plants.

How much water for a Variegated Monstera Peru

If you tend to forget to water your plants every now and then, this is the plant for you! It’s thick leaves help it store additional water, so this plant can go for some time in dryer soil.

Once a week, or every two weeks is common. Remember, the more sun your plant gets the more water it will need. Brighter rooms will mean a higher watering frequency, and darker rooms means less watering.


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