Marble Queen Pothos – Money Plant


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Selling size : Well rooted single plant| 2.5″ pot included

A royal sibling of Money Plant, marble queen pothos has glossy leaves and is more resilient in nature. Like any queen, she doesn’t like to sit in direct sunlight but likes to bask in shade with optimum light in her surroundings. She likes to rest with the other low light indoor plants. Don’t just treat her as an office plant! She maybe very ‘down-to-earth’ in her demands but she always climbs up with her ambition to grow and conquer!


When the soil is dry/once in 2 weeks


Keep it in a place where it is exposed to direct sunlight or in a bright room

Some Points To Keep In Mind:

  • The actual item may slightly differ in color and size from the image given, due to reasons like camera, angle, and lighting used during the photoshoot or because of the monitor’s display. Make sure to check the size before placing your order.
  • The planters we provide with the plants are made of plastic. So, if you are planning to repot the plants into a ceramic pot or not going to use this planter anymore, please make sure to properly dispose of it.
  • The color of the planter may vary.
  • If you are keeping the plant in a low light area, please give it a whole day sunbath once in a week.
  • The original plant size may slightly vary from the size mentioned above.



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