Mandevilla Pink

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Description of plant at maturity:
Aloha Bright Pink produces masses of large, candy pink flowers with a bright yellow throat that provides a slightly tropical atmosphere. An Australian bred variety designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate.

Flowering in spring through to autumn, Aloha Mandevillas enjoy full sun. They withstand high temperatures and will benefit from organically enriched, well draining soil. They are known for their vigorous growth and climbing habit. Given something to climb on, this Mandevilla will take any shape. They will also cascade and trail, depending on the planting arrangement. Perfect for climbing up lattice walls, trailing in the garden or cascading from hanging baskets.

Water in well when first planted and for the first 3 weeks. Aloha Mandevillas will tolerate short periods of dry soils, but its best to keep water up in summer. A light trim after flowering will promote new growth and enhance flowering performance. Tolerates coastal conditions, hot and dry periods.

Position: Full sun

Blooming season: Spring to autumn


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