Madhumalti Creeper New Double Petals Rangoon Creeper Combretum Indicum Live Plant Flowers Creeper With Fragrance

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Madhumalti Plant is a Special kind of flowering vines that change in colour with age. Rangoon Creeper Botanical name, Combretum Indicum, is derived from the name of its genus, Combretum. The beautiful flower of Rangoon Creeper plant has a divine fragrance, and its color varies from white to pink to red. This color changing the property of these flowers is considered as a strategy to attract different pollinators. The leaves of Rangoon Creepers are elliptical with a rounded base with green to yellow-green color. Butterflies And Honey Bees Love The Flowers. flowers Have Good Fragrance As Well.

Care of Rangoon Creeper

  • Regular watering: As the plant grows in heat, it needs regular watering to bloom perfectly.
  • Full sun: Outdoor area is a very comfortable space for this plant where direct sunlight fall on plant and also, a partial shade. The Madhumalti flowers blooming is much more spectacular where there is more sun.
  • Fertilizers are rich in nitrogen: The plant does not require much use of fertilizers. Avoid putting fertilizers that are rich in nitrogen.



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