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Lipstick Plant ‘Fireworks’ (Aeschynanthus hybrid)


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Vibrantly colored red blooms are held erect on the foliage and appear like colorful displays of fireworks. This free-blooming hybrid flowers intermittently throughout the year. The fleshy green leaves and cascading growth habit make it the perfect plant for a hanging basket. Lipstick Plant ‘Fireworks’ is well adapted to moderate light and low humidity that’s common in most home environments.

  • Light: Partial light to shade; bright direct light of morning or afternoonsun is best, but they need to be shaded from the midday sun.

  • Temperature: Minimum indoor temperature of 60 degrees, but 65 degrees isbetter as they are warm growers.

  • Humidity: Preferably 50% or higher; however, they will tolerate low levelswith no harm.

  • Watering: Water when the soil is visually dry; don’t over water. They cantolerate periods of dryness with no harm

  • Fertilizer: Moderate amounts of fertilizer applied monthly or bi-monthly.Fertilize with ½ tsp. of fertilizer per gallon of water of a balancefertilizer i.e. 5-10-3, 7-9-5 or 10-10-10.

  • Pruning: After the flowering cycle is complete. Repot when plants looktoo big for the container. They can remain in a limited space fora long time without harm. Generally, we never go any largerthan an 8” pot.

  • Insects and Disease: Resistant to most insects; occasional mealy bug problems.Root disease if kept too wet.

  • Comments: Aeschynanthus flowers on the tips of the mature growth. Theyare excellent as indoor plants as they tolerate a dryatmosphere and neglectful watering.


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