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Hoya (White) Australis

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Selling Size: Well rooted plant in Jiffy bag mentioned in last picture


  • Soil Choice: Hoyas can be grown in an airy, well-draining mix and need water more frequently, or they can be potted with a more traditional houseplant or succulent soil blend with less frequent waterings. Although chunkier mixes require more attentive care, plants grow faster and stronger with airy soil blends. Common Hoya soil blends amend succulent soil with perlite and orchid bark.
  • Pruning: Don’t cut the long tendrils! These plants send out long tendrils that fill in with leaves and peduncles over time.
  • Propagation: Propagate Hoya plants from stem cuttings or by air layering. Be sure to include a couple healthy leaves! It’s not impossible to propagate Hoyas from a leafless cutting, but it’s way more risky!
  • Repotting: Hoyas don’t mind being root bound. Keep in the same pot for years, but remember to fertilize throughout spring and summer. When you choose to repot, be extra kind to the plant: Repot in spring, wait to repot 2-3 days after your last watering, and be very gentle with the roots. There’s no need to strip away all the old soil, just knock off anything that’s loose.
  • Choosing a planter: All Hoyas need to be potted in planters with drainage. These plants are very sensitive to too much water. For extra air flow, choose an unglazed terracotta planter.
  • Sunstress: A recent plant trend is “sun-stressing” Hoyas. When Hoyas receive more light than they want, they can change color to protect their leaves, similar to how humans tan. If you want to try this out, make sure you go slow. It takes a while for humans to build a base tan to avoid sunburns, and the same goes for Hoyas!
Hoya bloom | Pistils nursery


It’s hard to predict when these plants will flower, as it occurs when the plants reach maturity. When are they mature? Depends on the growing conditions! But rumor has it that keeping your plant tightly root-bound (in a smaller than normal pot) will accelerate blossoming. Don’t down-pot your plant, though (take it from a big pot and place in a smaller pot) as that can shock your Hoya, a no-no in Hoya plant care.


Method 1, the Happy Method: If a plant feels secure in its pot, is receiving appropriate light, is receiving appropriate water, and is being fertilized through the spring and summer, you will be rewarded with huge gorgeous blooms.

  • Give your plant time to grow into its pot, and don’t plant your Hoya in too big of a pot!
  • Most Hoyas prefer bright, indirect light. A little direct sun is okay.
  • Water when the substrate is dry, as soon as you see the leaves start to “pucker.” Hoyas prefer more regular water in the spring and summer, during active periods of growth. Withhold water in the winter to prevent rot.
  • During the growing season, we like to fertilize weakly and often. You can fertilize every watering or every other watering, but since these plants like to dry out, use an organic fertilizer low in salts to protect sensitive Hoya roots.

If you follow these steps, your Hoya will surely reward you with blooms!

Method 2, the Stress Method: When a plant is very stressed, it tries its hardest to procreate before it no longer has the opportunity. Hoyas with thick, succulent leaves respond well to this method, but be careful trying this with thin-leaved varieties without proper research.

  • Give your Hoya bright, indirect light (some direct is okay) and withhold watering for 4-5 weeks. There is some danger of developing desiccated or dry-rotted roots, but you should see blooms before that!

Many Hoyas are succulent because they have adapted to seasonal droughts, like Hoya carnosa. Withholding water for a few weeks in the spring is an easy way to help Hoya carnosa bloom.

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