Hoya Carnosa Compacta ‘Hindu Rope’- Rare Plant

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Size: Single plant with pot mentioned in the last picture

The “Hindu Rope Plant” known also as Hoya carnosa “Krinkle Kurl” is a most interesting hanging plant. The rope Hoya features distinct, curling foliage setting it apart from the plant from which it came.
The name Hoya Carnosa is pronounced [HOY-yuh] [kar-NOE-suh] and includes a couple of popular Hoya varieties, including the unique “Krinkle Kurl.”
The “rope plant” is really a mutation of the Wax Plant, known for its thick, waxy leaves. There is also a variegated Hindu Rope Hoya.

This “curly Hoya” often is referred to as:

Hoya compacta
Hoya carnosa Compacta
Hoya compacta ‘Krinkle Kurl

While the “Krinkle Kurl” retained the waxy trait, the curled leaves are tightly packed and resemble rope. The unique look gives this plant its common name of the “Hindu Indian Rope Plant.”

*There is no flower right now, pictures to show what the flower will look like.

Plant care:

  • Water – Hindu rope plants tolerate dry soil well, but they will look best if you water them regularly in summer. Water deeply but infrequently during the summer, saturating the soil and letting it dry out in the top one-third of the pot, before watering again. Hindu rope plants go dormant in winter and require far less water
  • Sun light – For optimal growth, your Hindu Rope Plant should get at least three to four hours of bright light near a window. Near a bright east or south facing window is good. If growing outdoors, it still requires plenty of bright light but should be placed in an area with indirect lighting.



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