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Gynura pseudochina


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Growth Form:Perennial herb that typically grows about 20 – 60 cm tall in cultivation with a maximum height of 1.3 m tall.

Roots:The tuberous roots may be lobed or round and have a diameter of 2-6 cm wide.

Foliage:Its leaves are elliptical, ovate (egg-shaped with pointed tip), spatulate (spoon-shaped) or obovate (egg-shaped with rounded tip) and have shallow lobes. The leaf blade is 7-40 cm long and 5-20 cm wide, while the petiole (leaf-stalk) is 0.3-3 cm long. The upper side of the leaf is purple between veins while the leaf under side is green.

Flowers:The yellow to red, compound inflorescence is known as a campanulate head.

Fruits:The dry, 1-seeded fruit is known as an achene (3-4 mm long).

Ethnobotanical Uses:Medicinal ( The underground tuber has medicinal properties. In Thai traditional medicine, the plant is used to treat short-term and chronic inflammation. It has also been used to treat fever and viral diseases. Scientific studies have shown there are compounds with anti-inflammatory properties in the leaves, but there are also potentially toxic compounds as well, so more study is required.)


Desirable Plant Features:Ornamental

FoliagePlant & Rootzone Preference –
Tolerance:Well-Drained Soils

Landscape Uses:Small Gardens


Light Preference:Semi-Shade
Water Preference:Moderate Water, Occasional Misting


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