Golden Cascade Plant (Petraeovitex bambusetorum)

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Botanical Name : Petraeovitex Bambusetorum
 English Name : Golden Cascade

Nong Nooch Vine (Petraeovitex bambusetorum)

The Nong Nooch Vine is an amazing climber that brings ease of culture, vigorous growth and stunning floral form to the container gardener. Flowering from spring through fall, the blooms form on the tips of its vining stems and pendulate down 2′ or more in length. Soft yellow bracts and creamy white flowers form a pendulous inflorescence that opens over many weeks. The blooming cycle lasts for months, often hanging on well into winter. A great vine to train on stake or trellis, or let it clamber up a support in a conservatory or sunroom.

Cultural Information – Petraeovitex
Plant Care:
Light: Full or partial sun, a southern, eastern or western exposure.

Temperature: Maintain indoor temperatures above 60. They can be grown cooler but
this will slow growth and can put them into semi dormancy.

Humidity: Preferably 50% or higher; however, they will tolerate low levels with no

Watering: Bring soil to a state of visual dryness between watering. When watering,
thoroughly saturate soil until a little water runs out of the bottom of the
pot. Growing in a clay pot will help maintain a healthy root system.

Fertilizer: They need moderate levels of fertilizer. Give them more under high light.
Generally, fertilize with ½ tsp of fertilizer per gallon of water once a
week. Excessive fertilization can disrupt blooming. Use a balanced
fertilizer like a 15-15-15 or a blooming fertilizer like a 7-9-5.

Pruning: Prune after flowering in the fall to not disrupt the blooming cycle as
flowers form on the tips of vining growth. As it is an aggressive vine, the
climbing leads can be selectively removed anytime to manage its size.

Insects and Disease: It has some susceptibility to mealybugs.

Comments: Petraeovitex is an unusual and spectacular climber that is easy to
culture. We flower them in 10” on 3’ stakes. A little training is needed in
wrapping the vines around itself, allowing the pendulous chains of
blooms to cascade off the plant. The root system is strong and has no
problems with root disease. Remember flowers form at the tips of
growing vines from spring to fall.


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