Garlic Vine, Mansoa Alliacea Plant

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Garlic Vine, Mansoa Alliacea – Plant

Mansoa alliacea, or Garlic vine, is a species of tropical in the trumpet creeper family that is Bignoniaceae. Garlic creeper is a beautiful ornamental vine with opposite leaves divided into two ovate leaflets. The flowers are funnel-shaped and purple to white in colour

Care makes it special:

  • It is in reference to that pungent garlic-like smell when you crushed the leaves of the garlic creeper plant.
  • One of the best attractive flowering climber plants.
  • Low maintenance plant.
  • The perfect plant for an outdoor garden.
  • Mosquito repellent plant.

Medicinal Use

It is a very common and well-respected plant remedy for the pain and inflammation of arthritis and rheumatism, as well as, colds, flu, and fever. It said that this houseplant pushes out all the bad luck from the house. It is one of the most rewarding flowering vines, bearing beautiful lavender-hued bell-shaped flowers. This vine serves a two in one purpose of air purification and treatments.


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