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Epipremnum Aureum / Pothos Neon


Selling size:well rooted plant in jiffy bag

The Epipremnum Aureum is commonly known as the Pothos Neon. They are a fantastic easy care plant that will be equally happy training down a bookcase or climbing up a totem.

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WATERING Let the soil dry out approximately half way trough the pot between waterings. They prefer less water. Owerwatering will cause the leaves to turn yellow.
LIGHT This plant will tolarate medium light, but as most plants, Neon Pothos will love bright indirect light. Some soft morning sunshine is welcome too! and it can even thrive under fluorescent lighting.
TEMPERATURE An avarage room temperature in between 15-26 Celsius will be perfect Avoid placing your Pothos near heaters and radiators in the winter
HUMIDIT Will prefer medium to high humidity, but can withstand low humudity level just fine.
TIPS If you’re after a lovely full plant, you can take cutting from one of the steams of your plant (making sure every cutting has at least one code), place them in water until root, and plant it back with a mother plant!
TOXIC ⚠️ Pets and humans ⚠️


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