Dwarf Murraya Paniculata (Dwarf Kamini)


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Plant Size: Bushy Plant | Pot Included


  • Known As: Dwarf Kamini Plant, Murraya Paniculata, Table Kamini, Orange Jessamine, Madhukamini Plant
  • Growing Difficulty: Easy
  • Light: Bright indirect / Direct sunlight
  • Water: Moderate
  • Air Purifying: No

Dwarf Kamini Plant or Murraya Paniculata is a popular little bonsai that looks great as a table-top plant and adds a green flavor in the house.

Dwarf Kamini plant is a dwarf variety of Murraya Paniculata, also known as the Kamini plant, Orange Jasmine. It is a natural bonsai tree and a popular houseplant. The tiny leaves and random ramifications are noticeable on this plant which is very essential for bonsai. You can trim it to any shape you want.

It can be taken outdoors in summer to a place that is shaded from the midday sun but must be wintered. Move it back to indoor environment if the temperature falls too much and place it where the humidity is high. During the growing season give the plant plenty of water. at other times let the soil become partially dry between watering, especially during cool winter months. Tap water is suitable, it’s better to avoid spraying as it may make the bark swell and peel.

The Murraya Paniculata is a species of flowering shrub or small tree in the family Rutaceae and is native to South Asia, Southeast Asia and Australia. It has tiny dark green, glossy, smooth bark, pinnate leaves with up to seven egg-shaped to elliptical leaflets, fragrant white or cream-coloured flowers and oval, orange-red berries containing hairy seeds.


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