Dischidia Imbricata Butterfly – rare

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Dischidia imbricata

Succulent like trailing or climbing house plant with fleshy, round, leaves and occasional small white flowers..

  • Other names: String of Nickles, Shingle Plant
  • Useful to know: May cause irritation if ingested
  • Eventual height: Vines can reach up to 100cm
  • Origins: Southeast Asia

Dischidia Care Sheet

Light: Thrives in a bright and sunny spot, and can handle a few hours direct sunlight if well watered. Keep above 15°c

Water: Water little and often, and let soil dry out slightly between watering

Soil/Nutrition: Well draining, houseplant potting mix, or cactus and succulent soil. Feed during the growing season every two weeks

Humidity: Enjoys a humid environment, so great plant for bathroom or kitchen. Otherwise, mist regularly

Pruning and propagation: Remove old, damaged vines to ensure good air circulation and keep plant looking neat. Can be propagated via stem cuttings

Experience Level: Beginner



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