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You have several options upon receipt of this plant:

  • Stand your costus, pot and all, in a pretty planter with a layer of potsherds in the base. Or, in a planter with holes, on a saucer. Water immediately.
  • You could also pot your costus up to a pretty planter with holes in the base and on a saucer. Add fresh potting compost above a layer of potsherds or hydro-pellets and plant the costus at the correct height. Fill up with more potting compost and press firmly down. Water immediately after planting too.
  • Just leave this houseplant in its nursery pot and stand it on a saucer to collect drainage. Water immediately. Don’t let it stand in drained off water for longer than 24 hours.

Give this plant a nice light spot in your home. Morning or evening sunlight won’t be a problem but do avoid the full midday sun. Too much sunlight will turn the stem and leaf stems yellow. Definitely do not allow your costus to dry out. Standard potting compost is ideal when potting up.
The best spot for your houseplant The best spot for your plant is:

  • Somewhere that has a lot of light but is shielded from the brightest afternoon sunlight. Early morning or evening sun won’t be a problem, and indeed appreciated! Best would usually be about 3 metres from a window. This plant rather likes the shade so 6 metres from a window won’t give problems at all.
  • Somewhere nice and warm – 18-23° C. Underfloor heating is ideal. Next to or above a radiator however would be ill-advised because the warm air would dry the plant out too quickly which could cause the leaf edges to brown.
  • Somewhere with a relatively high humidity (60-70%). You could of course spray the foliage regularly to keep humidity up. Even doing this several times a day.


A costus is a real rainforest plant so won’t appreciate direct sunlight! Likes it humid too. Spray regularly (preferably with rain water) to heighten humidity and keep the foliage looking good. A too dry atmosphere could cause the edges of leaves to dry up and turn brown.
Water regularly (twice a week in spring and summer, otherwise once a week) and feed fortnightly in the growing season with fertiliser for flowering houseplants.
Your costus will appreciate a warm spot (definitely not below 15 degrees C) and out of direct sun (although morning or evening sunlight won’t cause a problem).


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