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Cat’s Claw Creeper Plant


Selling size: well-rooted plant. Sending everything, including the grow bag

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Growing a cat’s claw vine is easy. The problem usually isn’t so much keeping it alive as keeping it in check. Cat’s claw plants spread through underground tubers and can often pop up out of the ground in unexpected spots. The best way to prevent spreading is to plant it in a restrictive spot, like between a wall and pavement.

Cat’s claw plant care is easy. The vines tend to prefer moist and well-drained soil, but they’ll do well in virtually anything as long as it’s not soggy. They like full to partial sun. Propagating a cat’s claw plant is easy – it grows well from cuttings, and it can usually be started successfully from the seeds found inside its seed pods, which turn brown and split open in the autumn.


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