Calathea Yellow Fusion Thai Beauty


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Care Guide

  • Rare Plant
  • Light Preference/Tolerated (Bright Indirect Light)
  • Average Watering Needs
  • Mature Height 6-10 inches
  • Pet Safe

Yellow Fusion Calathea is a rare cultivar with variegated foliage, each leaf formed in the shape of a lance and painted with a unique mélange of lemon and lime shades. In response to varying amounts of light, this striking house plant’s foliage differentiates itself from others by appearing to “pray” as its leaves arc heavenwards at night and toward the ground during the day. This beauty originates from the Americas and is also known as Calathea ‘Yellow Fusion’, Prayer Plant, Peacock Plant, Rattlesnake Plant, and Zebra Plant. This unique herbaceous perennial thrives in bright indirect light; loamy, well-draining soil; average temperatures; and high humidity. Also safe for people and pets, this golden house plant is a superb choice to add to any gardener’s home/office collection.

Best Locations For Growing Yellow Fusion Calathea

Yellow Fusion Calathea thrives in bright, indirect light; temperatures ranging between 70°F to 85°; and humidity levels 50% and above. A bathroom may have all of these conditions. Since this lovely house plant is nontoxic to people and pets, you won’t have to worry about little hands or paws coming into contact with this hybrid.

Yellow Fusion Calathea Sunlight Requirements

Yellow Fusion Calathea prefers bright to medium indirect light. Any room with south-facing, west-facing or east-facing windows will suffice; however, during any periods of direct light, it is wise to place this lovely house plant a few feet away from any windows in order to prevent its leaves from being sunburned.

Yellow Fusion Calathea Care

Yellow Fusion Calathea prefers aerated, loamy, well-draining soil at a neutral to acidic pH. We recommend using a good house plant potting soil amended with peat moss and perlite/coco coir/pumice. While Yellow Fusion Calathea does not require frequent pruning, dead leaves should be trimmed in order to promote growth and prevent disease. Hoyas enjoy being rootbound and can stay in the same pot for several years. This hybrid can be propagated using seeds or root division.

Watering Yellow Fusion Calathea

Typically, you will need to water this cultivar one time each week during the growing season and less frequently during the dormant season, or winter months. Water when the top 2 inches of soil are dry to the touch.

Feeding Yellow Fusion Calathea

Feed your Yellow Fusion Calathea a 10-10-10 water-soluble fertilizer, diluted 50%, once a month except during this plant’s dormant period in the winter.

Yellow Fusion Calathea Information

Light Exposure: Bright Indirect Light
Care Requirements: Easy
Watering Requirements: Average – When the top 2 inches of the soil dries out.
Pet Friendly: Yes
Kid Friendly: Yes
Air Purifier: Low
Habit: Upright
Growth Rate: Fast
Mature Height: 6-10 inches
Mature Spread: 6-10 inches
Flowering: No
Flower Color(s): None
Flower Shade/Description: Grown for Foliage
Foliage Type: Variegated
Foliage Color(s): Green, Yellow
Foliage Description: Yellow-Lime Green Foliage and Dark Green Variegation
Temperature: 60° – 80°F (16° – 27°C)
Humidity: Average (40% – 60%)
Common Name: Yellow Fusion Calathea
Other Name(s): Calathea Thai Beauty
Scientific Name: Calathea ‘Yellow Fusion’
Plant Type: House Plant


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