Calathea Louisae

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Single plant(3-5 leaves)| Pot Included

Calathea Louisae Care Needs

Though it is not a complex plant to care for, growing your Calathea Louisae to its complete potential demands the fulfillment of specific requirements. The Calathea Louisae, with its decorative leaves, loves humidity and needs evenly moist soil to thrive.

Water your Calathea when the soil’s top two inches are dry. As long as your pot has sufficient drainage, don’t be afraid to thoroughly saturate the soil during watering schedules to properly hydrate the roots. This lovely plant will do best in bright indirect light regarding light requirements.

Care Difficulty

This Thai Beauty Calathea is generally moderate-to-difficult to care for. The well-draining soil and amount of light are the most important considerations for this Beauty.

Growth Rate

The growing speed of a C. Louisae is typically moderate. Indoors, it reaches a mature height of 4-8 inches.

This plant’s height can be controlled by correctly cutting it during the growing season in the spring and summer.


This plant’s optimal potting material and size is a medium-sized pot made of plastic, terracotta, or clay. The most crucial consideration is that your vessel has at least one drainage hole to allow excess water to escape. Thai Beauty does not like sitting in water as they hate soggy soil; otherwise, it may succumb to root rot.


As your Calathea Louisae develops, you should consider moving it to a larger pot if you see roots pushing through the drainage holes. Due to its modest growth rate, you will need to repot your plant every two years.

When repotting your Calathea, use a fresh batch of soil to give its roots more nutrients to absorb. Also, take special care not to touch this plant’s roots so much during the process. Calathea plants are known to be ultra-sensitive and hate having their roots disturbed.


Thai Beauty Calathea grows well in standard commercial potting soil. Combine peat moss and perlite to make your own potting mix. This plant prefers a consistent level of moisture in its soil.


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