Baby Sunrose ‘Variegated'(Heart leaf ice plant)

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You can grow baby sun rose in a container or hanging basket to bring indoors during cold weather. These plants prefer full sun and flower on and off all year, more during warm months. The blossoms aren’t elaborately showy since they’re so small…but they have the added benefit of attracting hummingbirds.

But these plants shine as groundcovers for smaller areas and as rock garden plants, rather than using them to fill vast expanses of the garden bed.

This plant won’t get away from you like some groundcover plants. It grows at a leisurely pace and makes a beautiful container plant.


No soil amendments are needed. The only regular trimming necessary may be to cut back shoots from walks or drives. If it’s flowing over a wall or the side of a pot, trim it back now and then to remove any stringy stems and encourage new growth. In spring – late March or early April – cut back the plants to remove any winter damage and they’ll flush out again during warm weather. Water on a regular basis with enough time for the soil to dry out between waterings. Make sure the area is very well-drained or this succulent plant won’t make it.


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