Babby rubber plant “Tricolour”(Pepperomia obtusifolia)


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Peperomia Tricolour is an easy to care for and attractive indoor pot plant with variegated green, cream and red leaves.Ideal for Rookie plant keepers or beyond.

Light Requirements: Bright Indirect Light is essential to maintain the pink variegation on the leaves.

Moisture & Soil Requirements: Branching semi-succulent. Stores water in leaves and stems so prefers light waterings, evenly moist soil with good drainage in warm seasons – never soggy soil. Water when the container feels light or even when the top half of the soil is dry. Prefers small containers to large and likes to be kept a little drier through winter and can even survive going dry.

Growth & Nutrients: Epiphytic (grows on other plants) in nature so has a small root system, low water requirements and small size. Suits apartments or homes of any size. Feed with a general-purpose fertiliser for containers from the start of spring each year to autumn when growth slows down.

Temperature, Humidity & Ambient requirements: Prefers warm environments inside and adaptable for nearly any situation, tolerates a range of humidity levels.

Toxicity: Non-toxic to pets and people.

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