Anthurium Vittarifolium Variegated- Rare

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The Anthurium vittarifolium is a rare variety endemic to South America. It has long yet pendant-looking leaves which will surely add color and life to your living space.

The plant is known to be a close relative to the flamingo flower. It’s an epiphyte species where it thrives in other plants such as trees for support. It’s found throughout tropical rain forests in Brazil, Ecuador, and Colombia.

The foliage is similar to the Anthurium pallidiflorum which is called the strap leaf anthurium. It features glossy foliage with gorgeous pink blooms.

The flowers grow on a spadix and spathe when it blooms, while the berries look pink to violet. The fantastic thing is this unique jungle plant, with its narrow leaves, grows well in hanging baskets.

Anthurium vittarifolium Care

Caring for the Anthurium vittarifolium flower is not as difficult as you think. Here’s the secret:

Species: Anthurium vittarifolium

Common Name: Flamingo flower, Hawaiin heart

Family: Araceae

Plant Type: Epiphyte

Habitat: South America

Maximum Size: 7.5 feet tall

Watering Requirements: Frequent watering

Light Requirements: Medium to bright indirect light

Preferred Humidity: High humidity

Preferred Temperature: Warm temperatures

Potting Medium: Orchid compost with peat-based soil mix

Fertilizer: Liquid fertilizers

Propagation Method: Division, cuttings, and seeds

Vulnerability: Not cold hardy

Toxicity: Toxic to pets and humans


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