Anthurium Papillilaminum- Rare


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Best Lighting Condition For Those Magnificent Leaves 

Bright indirect light is of utmost importance for your new plants as it originates from tropical climates and thrives in bright light. Still, they thrive under the canopy of other trees as direct sunlight damages the leaves.

Anthurium papillilaminum lighting

Now, to find a perfect spot for your houseplants, we recommend an east or north-facing window as a west-facing window has too much direct sunlight. Also, if you do artificial light, do not place your plant right under them.

Another great thing is your plant does not need much light in winter as it goes dormant.

Watering Needs To Have The Most Magnificent Leaves

Like the flamingo lily and other complex types of plants such as Anthurium, your plant needs to be kept hydrated. To thrive, it needs moist soil during the growing season. It does not require much watering during the winter months as the cold air keeps the ground moist.

When underwater, you will notice the leaves withering and looking unhealthy. If left for too long, your Anthurium will die, going to plant heaven leaving you sad. Still, if you overwater, the same happens as your plant can die as it gets root rot.

Thus, we recommend constantly feeling the top layer of the ground, and if moist, leave it alone, but if dry, go ahead and quench its thirst.

Temperature & Humidity

The best temperature for these tropical plants is between 65 to 75 degrees F. If you grow your Anthurium papillilaminum outdoors, we recommend bringing them in from the cold as they are not frost-resistant.

Your plant thrives in indirect sunlight in a humid environment as they crave moisture. If your home does not have high moisture levels, you invest in a humidifier. Or you can use a pebble tray to provide it with everything it needs.

But remember gardeners, do not let your Anthurium sit in the water, and make sure the waterline remains only on the pebbles.

Fertilizing Anthurium Plants 

Your Anthurium loves feeding using a 20-7-20 liquid or granular fertilizer. Providing your plant with high phosphorus gives you gorgeous blooms and new growth. The best time to feed is in the growing season of spring and summer.

We recommend a half-strength as you do not want to cause burns on your plant. When using a slow-release feed, you can apply it once in the growing season. While a liquid feed, you can do monthly but always check to see how your plant responds.

Compared to other species, this one enjoys a feed-in winter once to help provide it with all the nutrients while in its dormant stage.


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