Anthurium Hookeri Variegated- Rare

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Bringing a simple, yet stylish look into your home, the Anthurium Hookeri is a variegated houseplant that is a must consider for any indoor gardener. This rare houseplant produces elongated, heart-shaped leaves that display mix of light green and white variegations that create a beautiful spotted pattern.

This variety is also known as the bird’s nest Anthurium and likely gets its name from the thick, dense roots that wrap around each other to look a little like a bird’s nest. This plant also has shorter stems than other anthurium species. This plant and its unique attributes make it a must have for a houseplant lover, and it’s simple design would fit in with any internal decoration, especially a Scandinavian or minimalist theme.

Where should I put my Anthurium Hookeri?

To get the best out of your plant, place it somewhere that gets bright, indirect light throughout the day. Because of the lightness of the variegations, direct sunlight will cause the leaves to burn and brown. However, too little light will make the pattern fade and become dull. Your chosen location should be free of any cold draughts and rapid temperature changes as they will cause the plant to drop its leaves or keep entering dormant stages where it won’t grow.

How much should I water my Anthurium Hookeri?

The Anthurium Hookeri thrives in a soil that is consistently moist, but not wet. You should water the plant little and often, using a finger to test the moisture in the soil. You should water when the top few centimetres of soil are dry. Make sure your chosen pot has enough drainage holes in the bottom to allow any excess moisture to drain away.


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