Anthurium Crystallinum ‘Black Crystal’

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Anthurium crystallinum grows naturally in the rainforests of Central and South America, it is praised for its large, heart-shaped, velvet textured leaves with exotic silvery veins. Because of its endangered habitat, The anthurium Crystallinum along with some other anthuriums are considered Rare and hard to find naturally.

Anthuriums are popular ornamental plants and can be found in many indoor plant collections. they are becoming more and more popular every day because of their mesmerizing leaves and unique foliage.

It is also called the Crystal Laceleaf or Crystal Anthurium plant. The surface of the leaf seems to glisten as if covered in millions of tiny crystals hence giving the characteristic crystal velvet texture to its leaves. Alongside the beautiful glistering giant leaves, the Crystal Anthurium plant also bears a delicate, colorful, mildly fragrant flower.

Planting & Care Guide:

Type: Perrenials

Category: Aroid, Araceae

Sunlight: Bright indirect to medium filtered light

Watering: once or twice every week

Soil type: Soil mix with good drainage & Aeration

Humidity: Loves high humidity


Common Problems:

SYMPTOM: Yellow Crispy leaves
CAUSE: Too much direct sunlight or Underwatering

SYMPTOM: Yellowing leaves
CAUSE: Not enough sunlight or overwatering

SYMPTOM: Droppy leaves
CAUSE: Not enough sunlight or overwatering

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  1. Alejandra

    Good plant

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