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Anthurium brownii Care Indoors

Anthurium brownii thrives in bright, indirect light away from direct sunlight, warm and humid conditions and consistently moist, rich, well-drained soil coupled with monthly feeding during the growing season.

Anthurium brownii requires pruning to keep it neat and tidy as well as minimize pest and disease infestations. Repotting is only ncessary when the plant becomes pot-bound. Keep reading for more on the best growing conditions and how to provide them.

Light Requirements

Anthurium brownii grows best in bright, indirect light. A curtain-filtered sunny window is perfect for this plant.

Keep it away from direct sunlight to avoid scorching of the leaves and rotate the pot regularly to ensure that the plant receives light on all sides for even growth.

Where the natural lighting is not adequate, consider investing in a grow light to supplement it inorder to promote a lush growth.


Water Anthurium brownii liberally during the growing season while allowing the top 1-2 in. of soil to dry out between waterings and keep soil consistently moist.

Decrease watering in the cold season as growth is reduce to maintain the soil slightly moist but do not let the soil dry out completely.

Use tepid, chlorine-free water as the plant is sensitive to chlorine and other chemicals dissolved in water. Avoid wetting the foliage as it can lead to fungal diseases.

Ascertain that the pot has a drainage hole to prevent the soil from getting soggy as it can lead to root-rot and eventual death of the plant.


Anthurium brownii requires an average warmth with a minimum of 160C inorder to thrive. Keep it away from cold draughts to avoid sudden changes in temperature.


Anthurium brownii requires high humidity. To raise humidity, set the pot on a wet pebble tray.

Clean the leaves by damp-wiping with a soft cloth to get rid of dust and reduce pest infestations. Avoid leaving water drops on the leaves as it may cause fungal infestations.

Fertilizer (Feeding)

Feed Anthurium brownii every 4 weeks during the growing period with a balanced, liquid fertilizer. Withhold feeding in the cold season as growth is minimal and feeding at this time can lead to fertilizer burn.

Regularly flush out accumulated salts in the soil by running a stream of water through the soil until the water comes out through the drainage hole. Allow it to run for a few minutes and repeat the process several times.


Repot Anthurium brownii every 2 years at the beginning of the growing season. Use a pot one-size larger and free-draining soil that is rich in organic matter.

Ensure the pot has a drainage hole to avoid getting soggy soil as it can lead to root-rot and eventual death of the plant.


The best soil for Anthurium brownii should be rich in organic matter and free-draining to prevent it from getting soggy while providing the required nutrients.

Most potting mixes designed for aroids are ideal for this plant.


Pruning Anthurium brownii is easy. Remove yellow and dead leaves to maintain the plant neat and tidy as well as minimize pest and disease infestations.

Cut the leaves at the base of the stem with a sharp sterlized knife or scissors to avoid unnecessary injuries which can lead to disease infestations.

Remove any dead and wayward leaves to maintain the shape of the plant.


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