Anthurium Angel Wings Plant- Rare

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Plant size: Same plant (8leaves) mentioned in the last picture | Free Shipping | Pot Included

Quick Care Tips

Like to be warm, minimum temperature of 60°F in winter

Easily propagated by plant division

Bright light but no direct sun

Yellow leaves indicates over watering – Brown leaf tips indicate too little water

Likes high humidity

Plant Care


How much light for an anthurium: Provide as much bright, indirect light as possible, but no direct sun. If there is insufficient light, an anthurium produces fewer flowers and becomes thin and straggly as stems stretch toward the light.


How to water an anthurium: Water well and then allow the top few inches of soil to dry out before watering again. Over-watering causes yellow leaf tips and under- watering causes brown leaf tips.


How to fertilize an anthurium: Feed monthly in the spring and summer with a balanced fertilizer, or one slightly high in nitrogen, diluted to 1/2 the recommended strength. Do not fertilize if the plant is not actively growing.


What is the best temperature for an anthurium: 75°F-85°F (23.9°C-29.4°C) during the day and about 10° cooler at night are ideal. Temperatures below 60°F (15.6°C) slow leaf and flower growth.


An anthurium grows best in high humidity.


How to get an anthurium plant to flower: Anthuriums flower off and on throughout the year, usually producing buds every 3-4 months. The plant flowers more if, in late winter and early spring, it has a 6-8 week rest period. During this time, place the plant in a cooler, darker area, do not feed, and allow the soil to get a bit drier before watering. After this rest period, move the plant back to a bright, warm location and begin fertilizing again. Quickly remove anthurium flowers once they start fading.


Anthurium plant pests: Mealy bugs, scale, aphids, and thrip can be a problem; and the new, tender growth is especially vulnerable. Examine your plants carefully every time you water. Spray with the non-toxic “Green Solution” (recipe in Glossary) if you notice plant pests. You can read morehow to identify and treat all of theses plant pests in the Glossary of the website.


Anthurium plant diseases: Because of the high humidity and warmth the plant requires, fungal and bacterial plant diseases are a problem. Keeping the plant leaves dry and providing good air circulation helps prevent plant diseases.


Best soil for an anthurium plant: Use a rich, organic, loose potting soil that contains some mulch and sphagnum moss. A quick draining soil helps prevent root rot.


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