Alocasia Zebrina Elephant Ear

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This unique and stunning house plant sees sharp angled heart shaped foliage sit on exotic white and black streaked stems to produce a space filling display that will bring a unique tropical feel to your home. Loving bright, but indirect light, this Alocasia would look great in the corner of a living room or hallway. Keep the leaves misted regularly and try to keep away from draughts if possible, this is a house plant that will thrive in the bathroom as it loves warmth and humidity. You should water regularly to keep the soil moist but not soggy and fertilize with a liquid feed once a month during the hottest months of the year for healthy looking leaves and good growth.

8 reviews for Alocasia Zebrina Elephant Ear

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    Big plant received,Thankyou!

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    Super collection

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    Super plant

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    What a beautiful plant

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    Perfect packing

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