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  • The Caladium Black Plant is a native plant of the areas of America.
  • Your Caladium Black Plant is an air purifying plant that removes various harmful VOCs and carbon dioxide from the air to make it cleaner.
  • Your Caladium Black Plant can grow up to 2.5 feet tall when grown indoors.


  • The Caladium Black Plant prefers direct sunlight or bright indirect sunlight to maintain the color of its foliage. Make sure that you are not keeping your gardening Plant in direct sunlight or its leaves may get scorched.
  • Your Plant requires a temperature of no less than 7 C or their health may start to decline. Hence, you must keep your plant indoors during the winter season.


  • Water your Caladium Black Plant only when the 3 inches of the topsoil is dry to touch. You must water them twice every week during the summers and once every week during the winters.
  • Your Plant prefers an environment with over 50% humidity, and hence, you should consider keeping them in your bathroom or kitchen area.


  • Your Caladium Black Plant grows well in well-draining, aerated, and fertile soil.


  • The Caladium Black Plant is not a heavy feeder but regular feeding will boost its growth. You can use any liquid fertilizer of 8-7-6 NPK Ratio by diluting it to 1/2 of its strength for your plant to fertilize them once every month in the summer season.
  • However, during the winter season, you must withhold any fertilizer use as it is the natural resting period for your plants.


  • Your Caladium Black Plant is considered to be toxic for pets and humans.

Additional Care

  • You should prune your Caladium Black Plant once every month by clipping odd dead leaves and twigs from the plant to maintain its beautiful appearance and to prevent it from becoming leggy.
  • Make sure that you are using a terracotta or mud pot that won’t trap water inside it because your show Plant roots are prone to rot.
  • You should repot your interior plants once every year in a pot that is longer than a size bigger than the current pot to help your exotic plants grow the best during the spring or summer season. You must use a new potting mix for your plant then.


  • The Caladium Black Plant leaves turning yellow: It is an indication of overwatering- Water your plant only when the top 3 inches of the soil is dry to touch.
  • The Caladium Black Plant leaf tips turning brown: This is caused due to direct afternoon sunlight exposure- Keep your plant in an area that receives bright indirect sunlight, and not direct sunlight.


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