Alocasia Longiloba Grandis- Rare

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Size: Single Small plant (3-5 leaves) | Pot Included | Free shipping

Alocasia longiloba

Alocasia longiloba features large, glossy, deep green leaves with contrasting white veining. The heart shaped foliage makes this plant a statement piece for your home.

  • Other names: Elephant Ear, Alocasia veitchii
  • Useful to know: Not safe for pets, toxic if ingested. Alocasia can go dormant over winter and lose leaves
  • Eventual height: Can grow up to 100cm
  • Origins: Tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia

Alocasia Care Sheet

Light: Needs bright but indirect light, as strong full sun will scorch the foliage. The leaves turn toward the light so rotate the plant to prevent it leaning

Water: Requires regular watering to keep the soil moist, but not saturated. As a rainforest plant it is used to growing in damp conditions. Browning leaf edges are a sign of underwatering, and water droplets on the leaf tips indicate the plant sweating out excess moisture, called guttation. Reduce watering if this occurs

Soil/Nutrition: Well-draining houseplant compost mix, feed monthly in spring and summer

Humidity: Enjoys regular misting, or a pebble tray to replicate the humid rainforest environment

Pruning and propagation: Dust the leaves to help keep the plant in top condition. Trim off faded leaves to keep neat. Can be propagated by rhizome division of the corms in spring and summer

Experience Level: Moderate


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