Alocasia Lauterbachiana, Purple Sword Tree (Rare)


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How to care for Alocasia Lauterbachiana?

The plant cannot bear a bit of negligence, and you need to provide them with the right growing conditions. Alocasia lauterbachiana holds a dazzling beauty based on the texture, size, and color of their leaves.

You need to provide the plant with the right growing conditions for maintaining its worth-seeing beauty. Here are some of the caring conditions that you need to consider while growing this plant:

1. Fertilizer preferences:

Like other plants, Alocasia lauterbachiana also needs fertilizer in the growing season. It will help in letting your plant thrive well. You do not need to fertilize your plant in the autumn or fall season. Alocasia lauterbachiana requires a bit of fertilizer, due to which it is known to be a heavy fertilizer.

Do not overfeed or underfeed your plant, as it can impact the growth resulting in devastating impacts.

2. Humidity preferences:

Alocasia lauterbachiana loves to grow in higher humidity levels, and the optimum range of humidity is 70%. It has also been found that these plants cannot bear a humidity level of less than 45%. So, maintain the humidity level, and your plant flourish well.

Techniques to maintain humidity level:

If you are living in a dry environment, then you need to consider the following ways to maintain the humidity level:

  1. It would help if you misted your Alocasia lauterbachiana regularly.
  2. Place your plants in groups. This will help in increasing the humidity level.
  3. Use a humidifier or place your plant on the tray with damp pebbles.

3. Light preferences:

The light requirements of Alocasia lauterbachiana are similar to other household plants. It can thrive well in the bright indirect light. It would be best to consider this thing and not place your plant in the direct light. Exposure to direct light can scorch the leaves and burn them, causing a yellowish or brownish appearance.

Pro tip:

If you are growing your plant indoors, then place it in the east or west-facing window. Hanging a curtain between the plant and the window will help prevent the direct light from reaching the plant. Use this tip and provide your plant with the filtered light.

4. Pruning:

Every plant requires regular maintenance to thrive better. Cutting down the dead or unhealthy leaves highly contributes to the healthy growth of the plant.

Pruning needs to be done when required to enhance the growth rate.

5. Potting and repotting preferences:

Repotting Alocasia lauterbachiana once a year is necessary to promote fast growth and a better appearance. Make sure that your plant is in the fresh and well-draining soil before repotting it. Choosing a well-draining pot will also help in promoting better growth.

Repotting has one benefit due to which you can also repot your plant using a rhizome.

Pro tip:

Season highly counts in repotting to promote the growth of Alocasia lauterbachiana and the perfect season to repot your plant in spring.

6. Soil preferences:

Alocasia lauterbachiana loves to grow in rich and well-draining soil. So, choose a pot with holes at the bottom, as it will help make the soil well-draining. It would be best if you prepared the potting mix by adding perlite and peat to it. It will also contribute to maintaining a good moisture level.

The pH level of the soil in which it grows well ranges from 5.5 to 6.0. It means that the soil must be a little acidic.

Pro tip:

The all-purpose substrate will help in promoting the growth of your Alocasia lauterbachiana. You can prepare this substrate by adding the black and gold or miracle gro.

7. Temperature preferences:

Alocasia lauterbachiana are not tolerant of temperature fluctuations, so you need to consider this fact to let your plant thrive. The plant loves to grow in constant watering conditions, which means that household temperature will be a perfect option.

Keep this thing in mind that the sudden change in the temperature can negatively impact your plant’s growth. Also, it can even kill your beautiful Alocasia lauterbachiana. So do not let your dazzling plant die and place it in a stable temperature environment.

8. Watering preferences:

These plants love to go in a flexible watering condition, so you need to water Alocasia lauterbachiana frequently. It will help in the better growth and well-being of your plant. You can use your index finger to water the plant again. If the above two inches of your soil gets dried, it is the right time to water your plant.

Do not overwater your plant, as it can result in root rot making your plant susceptible to fungal infections.

9. Maintenance:

You need to maintain Alocasia lauterbachiana by examining the plant’s behavior weekly. Spraying insecticides or using alcohol will help in preventing the plant from the pests’ attack. It will also help in cleaning the dust from your plant.

Pro tip:

You can use a damp cloth to clean the dust from your plant. It will improve the look of lush green leaves.

10. Growth:

These plants show a slower growth rate indoors and can grow fast outdoors. The growth rate of Alocasia lauterbachiana depends on humidity, lightning, temperature, and water conditions.

You need to consider all these instructions to promote the fast growth of your dazzling plant.

It can reach the height of 4 feet outdoors and 3 feet indoors. Alocasia lauterbachiana grows vigorously and can grow large in a short period.


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