Aglaonema sp. Tricolor Anyamanee

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Aglaonema Plant Care Basics

Best Potting Mix

Like most tropical plants, the best soil should be well-draining soil with humus-rich. Mud mixed with orchid bark, peat, and perlite could also be suitable for the plant as it will allow the excess water to drain quickly. In this way, the roots cannot be deeply immersed in the soil.A soil with good drainage is suitable for the Chinese evergreen tricolor plant because it naturally needs moisture. Like most subtropical plants, the earth should maintain its constant dampness.

Watering Needs

The Chinese evergreen tricolor plant should be watered when the soil reduces its moisture or if the soil’s top layer is drying up. It is essential to water the plant on time and not let it stay overwatered or underwatered.Overwatering the plant can cause the rotting of the roots, which would be problematic in the long run that affects your plant.Underwatering the plant or letting its moisture dry up for several days can quickly kill the plant. The Chinese evergreen tricolor cannot tolerate it for a long time without any water or moisture around it.During the winter months, it is better to reduce the watering instances of the plant because it can cause overwatering. When planted or placed outside, be sure that the plant shall not be forsaken.

Ideal Lighting

The Chinese evergreen plant should be placed in areas with no or very light sunlight exposure. Overexposure of the plant to direct sunlight can instantly burn the plant.You can use artificial lights if treated as an indoor plant, but ensure that it doesn’t hit the plant directly to avoid problems. When installing a light, its ideal radiance should not be solid nor direct to the plant.A Minimum amount of light is needed for the plant to thrive and manufacture its food.Despite the tiny amount of sunlight it requires, it doesn’t mean that it is not ideal for placing it in an area where it could receive indirect light. If planted outdoors, make sure it can get shades from nearby trees or bigger plants.

Temperature & Humidity 

As a subtropical plant, the Chinese evergreen tricolor plant’s suitable area should be within 70 to 80 degrees F.Although Aglaonema can tolerate low light and low temperature, it’s ideal to keep the plant at a warm temperature where its systems could function well.The said plant cannot be stored in a place with cold or freezing temperatures. The plant should not be left outside when the weather is windy because it can affect plants or be plucked out by the wind itself.The plant must not be stored in a sweltering place as it cannot tolerate hot temperatures. The plant doesn’t like too much heat as it could wilt the plant quickly.Place the Chinese evergreen tricolor plant in an area with high humidity. The plant itself can do best when the humidity is high.The plant can also be placed in a terrarium condition where humidity can stay up to 90% for too long, enough to help the plant thrive.If you decide to tend your plant on a terrarium, be sure to have a pebble tray so the soil’s moisture could be maintained. The longer the plant was stored in a high humidity area, the longer it could do its best to thrive.Low humidity can affect the plant through the susceptibility of the leaves to wilt quickly.During Summer and Spring seasons, fertilize the plant using diluted fertilizer every two weeks.Ideally, no fertilizers should be given to the plant during the winter and autumn season. Plants during these seasons have little chance of growth. The plant should not be given fertilizers because fertilizers might poison the plant and will not be absorbed easily by the plants.


The Chinese evergreen tricolor plant can be propagated in two ways: crown division and stem cuttings. These two ways are the easiest way to propagate the plant.

Growth Zone

This is a slow-growing plant, so repotting every year is ideal for its growth. Low indirect light is optimal for its growth and watering it when the soil is dry.The plant can approximately reach 12-20 inches tall to grow when mature. Give them all the requirements they need and you’ll be able to see its maximum potential growth. Aglaonema Pictum can be planted with support like a pole for stunning indoor foliage or if you want them to be bushy, pruning will do the trick.


Potting the Chinese evergreen tricolor plant is a crucial process that you need to bear in mind.Be sure to repot it during the summer and spring season, when the roots cannot get bounded by the pot.Ideally, the plant can be repotted every 3-5 years. When it is infested or attacked by a pest or insect, be sure to report them immediately.When repotting a plant, the new pot should be more extensive compared to the previous one. Enough for the plant to adapt to its own space.


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