Aglaonema Pink Majestic


  • Aglaonema Pink Majesty characterized by pink flush on ovate shape leaves with dark green border, compact, and well-branched growth habits. One of the easiest to grow houseplants, Aglaonema Pink Majesty  has spectacular bright coloured foliage that looks like its a part of your home. The striking pink tones in the foliage make it a great decorative plant These are evergreen perennial plants having wide leaves. Aglaonema Pink Majesty are native to tropical and subtropical regions of Asia. It looks very beautiful in indoor. Hence Pink Majesty  is one of the most common household plants. Aglaonema Pink Majesty  is also in the top list of air-purifying plants of NASA. It eliminates mainly Benzene, Formaldehyde  & gives fresh Oxygen. It is a natural humidifier.
  • Aglaonema Pink Majesty  is perfectly suited to a modern living room or workplace, dim sleeping room, or comfortable study. It is tolerant to both watery and dry conditions and can thrive with low light. Aglaonema Pink Majesty requires bright light, with no direct sunlight. well-draining potting soil, and a pot with drainage holes. If leaves start to look slightly droopy, that’s a sign that the plant needs water. One of the easiest to grow houseplants, Aglaonema Pink Majesty has spectacular bright coloured foliage that looks like its a part of your home. It’s stylish leaves look gorgeous on desks or tabletops, as well as coffee tables and side tables in dens, living rooms, and bedrooms.
    Note : Plant comes with nursery grown pot. Image is purely for reference.

Light requirement of Aglaonema Pink Majesty

Aglaonema Pink Majesty comes from the tropical forests of the Philippines, so they thrive in a warm, humid and well-lit position with indirect light. Keep them away from open windows, drafts and heating/cooling units as they are very sensitive to cold drafts and sudden temperature fluctuations.

Water requirement of Aglaonema Pink Majesty

Aglaonema Pink Majesty’s important to keep up a regular watering routine. In summer you want to keep the soil moist but not soggy. To monitor this, you can use your finger to poke into the top 5 cm of potting mix and feel the soil moisture level before watering. If it feels particularly wet, let it dry out for longer. Overwatering can lead to fungal issues or root rot. Try watering once a week, using just enough water to start to see some draining from the bottom of the pot. During winter, when the Pink Majesty isn’t in an active growing phase you should reduce watering frequency. 
With almost all plants, drainage is essential. Ensure that whatever vessel your plant is in, there are sufficient holes in the bottom to allow excess water to freely drain from the pot and away from the plant’s roots. These tropical plants don’t do well with long periods of dryness, they express this through dry, brown leaf tips and margins. They can also experience moisture stress from a lack of watering routine, they express this through yellowing leaves. Keep monitoring them to ensure the happy balance of moisture within the soil.

Humidity requirement of Aglaonema Pink Majesty

Aglaonema Pink Majesty loves a high humidity environment. Some tips for increasing humidity include grouping plants together, placing pots on a pebble tray or – if you want to go all out – buy a small humidifier online and place it in amongst your rainforest friends! 
Note: misting with a spray bottle will only improve humidity temporarily, and if done excessively can lead to fungal issues. Misting should only be done occasionally and is most effective as part of your Pink Majesty’s leaf cleaning routine (mist and then gently wipe leaves with a cloth to clear away dust from the leaf surface)

Fertiliser requirement of Aglaonema Pink Majesty

Feed Aglaonema Pink Majesty with liquid fertiliser fortnightly over the warm, growing period and not at all over the cooler winter months. 

Aglaonema Pink Majesty  can be propagated with following methods:

  • Propagation by seeds – Take the fresh aglaonema seeds which are found at the base of mature plant flowers, wash the seeds in H2O mixed water or in acidic water, prepare the seed germination soil mix or coco-peat mix, spread the seeds at the top it and cover very lightly. Place it in indirect sun light, recommended temperature for seed germination is 25 – 35 degree celsius. It may take up to 45 -60 days for seeds to germinate.
  • Propagation via stem cuttings – Stem cutting is most preferred method of propagation, cut the new shoots with minimum five leaves or old plant stem with a sanitized cutter and plant it in to the soil or coco-peat mix. Place it in indirect sunlight, if temperature is above 20 degree celsius, new shoots will emerge from cuttings in 25-45 days.
  • Propagation via root cuttings – This method is the safest and assures success, plant is separated from mother plant with roots and planted in a new container and kept in indirect sun light, newly planted plant starts building own root system in quick time like 5 -10 days. 15 -35 degree celsius temperature is ideal for this method too.
  • Propagation via tissue culture – This method is used for producing large quantity aglaonema seedling in quick time with the small fraction of original plant, root, stem or leaves. Tissue culture seedlings needs to be kept in lab type environment and slowly trend to adapt the natural weather conditions, many of seedlings die or grow very slow during this process, still this method is the best way for propagating the plant in high quantity and good quality.

Diseases and problems of Aglaonema Pink Majesty

There is no serious pest or disease issues. Aglaonema Pink Majesty is occasionally attacked by aphids, mealybugs, spider mites or scale. Rots may occur if plants are over-watered. 
Yellow leaves –  Yellow leaves are usually caused by overwatering and under watering. Allow her soil to completely dry out and only water when the first three inches of soil feels bone dry to touch.
Leaves drooping – Aglaonema Pink Majesty’s foliage naturally droops a little. This is completely normal. 
Browning edges/patches – This is a sign that Aglaonema Pink Majesty is suffering from lack of humidity. Place her in a bathroom or on top of a pebble tray.


Aglaonema Pink Majesty is toxic if ingested for both humans and animals so keep it away from kids or your furry friends!




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