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Dumb Cane Green Magic



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Plant care at a glance :


  • Water                : Moderate / Well Drained Planter
  • Light                  : Indirect Light
  • Growth Rate    : Medium
  • Air Purifying    : Yes
  • Pet Friendly     : Yes

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How to take care Dumb Cane Green Magic plant

Dumb Cane Green Magic doesn’t require much care to thrive. Although it tolerates low light, it does best in bright, indirect light with protection from sun. Filtered light is especially important in the spring and summer when Dumb Cane Green Magic is putting out new leaves, which may suffer from sunburn if exposed to bright light that shines directly on the plant. When planting in a container, use a general-purpose potting mix with plenty of peat moss to help retain moisture. This plant likes consistently moist, well-drained soil that is allowed to dry out to an inch or so below the surface between watering. Soggy soil can be fatal, so make sure your potted plant doesn’t sit in water.


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