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Coelogyne (necklace orchids)

They have often a sweet scent, attracting different kinds of pollinators, such as bees, wasps and beetles.

Coelogyne Rochussenii is a warm-growing, pendulous flowering orchid from low tropical areas of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. It is really common in Singapore under cultivation and forms huge spectacular specimens with almost a curtain of pendulous spikes of flowers all around the pot.

Description :
Plants bloom throughout the year with forty 6.25 cm wide flowers. Flowers can be fragrant with the scent of lemon. It’s grown for its handsome evergreen foliage and for its long draping clusters of fragrant, pale lemon-yellow blooms. Each blossom has five lance-shaped “petals” and a central creamy-white lip. The lip is marked with several yellow ridges and two brown bands.

Plants are usually grown in baskets. Plant grows in intermediate to warm temperatures with partial shade (bright indirect or filtered light)


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